• Need it delivered? We do that!
  • Need to design a new layout or change what you already have? We do that!
  • Need to relocate your office? We do that!
  • Need an office ergonomic assessment?  We do that!

Have an inventory of used office furniture to part with?  We may be interested!  Simply fill out the Used Inventory Contact Form below and we will evaluate your furniture and let you know if your used furniture has resale value and, if applicable, offer you an honest and fair quote. 

Note: Some furniture may only have haul-away value and in other cases there may be a cost to remove or dispose of it. 


Professional Delivery and Installation Services

Take advantage of our professional delivery & installation services. Our experienced installers will carefully receive, inspect, assemble, schedule, deliver and install your new or used office furniture and panel systems. Your office furniture will receive our "White Glove" treatment! We will leave your new space free of all packing materials and ready to go as soon as we depart!

We offer:

*Reasonable rates
*Installation of office furniture and panel systems
*Re-configuration of existing panel systems furniture
*Delivery throughout MN and more.

Customer Carry-Out & Pick-up
Not all merchandise is available for immediate carry-out. If you are in need of Office Furniture Solutions’ assistance loading merchandise into your vehicle, please call ahead to schedule your carry-out/pick-up.

Office Design Services

With Giza's advanced technology you will see your completed space before you move into it. We'll show you how to use every inch of your office space efficiently and affordably. Simply bring us your dimensions and your vision and we’ll work with you to design a layout that best suits your needs and budget. Don’t know where to start or don’t have your dimensions? Give us a call and we’ll get your started. Don't leave it to chance! Let Office Furniture Solutions design it right the first time!

Office Ergonomics

A comfortable and properly outfitted work space can help you feel your best and be more efficient and productive. Poor office ergonomics can lead to muscular fatigue, discomfort, decreased productivity, absenteeism or injury, which results in additional expenses for medical care, lost time and decreased productivity.

The single largest class of injury claims in the office are WMSD's (Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders). WMSD's typically develop over a long period of time. Making simple changes to your environment will reduce the symptoms of WMSD's to a level where injury is no longer a concern.

Though you may not be able to prevent all WMSD's, having an office ergonomic assessment is a great first step. Office Furniture Solutions has a Certified Office Ergonomist on staff. We offer reasonable rates for our consultations and full assessments. Contact Jeni today to schedule your on-site office ergonomic assessment.